https://www.jsm-org.tw/contact.html 高雄市金山寺 https://www.jsm-org.tw/images/corpimg.png 高雄市三民區鼎金一巷16號 $ 07-381-2200 高雄市金山寺  高雄市金山寺 「金山寺」始建於民國五十三年;是一座建築一甲子古刹傳統佛教聖地,經歷數位高僧住持秉持弘揚佛法利益眾生,艱辛改建如今面臨一甲子..目前住持是上圓下塵長老.其弟子馬來西亞籍天菘法師;領引寺務監院.天崧師父以佛陀精神:教育、弘法、慈善與文化、和國內外各組織互動交流為大方向,來推廣佛法,落實佛教人間化、生活化,創建人間淨土為推廣全新金山寺新精神新潮流活躍眾人易懂易近佛法.並傳授印度正宗瑜珈健身等課程… 上天下崧法師簡介: 法師乃印度裔馬來西亞人,自 7 歲便研習佛法,16歲 剃度為沙彌,法師在馬來西亞高中學業後, 受南傳佛教的比丘戒。爾後在慈恩法脈「圓塵上人」的規劃下,在中山大學學習中文,並在慈恩佛學院學習漢傳佛教;至美國以第一名完成學士學業並代表畢業生致詞;在印度分別取的碩士及博士學位, 為讓自己成為利益眾生的法器做準備。 【上圓下塵上人】的指導下在印度建造最高的阿育王柱、成立印度慈恩學校、資助學僧、於斯里蘭卡皇宮迎請佛陀舍利、舉辦萬人法會等等。法師在這般艱難的挑戰中增長自身的六度波羅蜜。法師求法若渴;無數次前往泰國學習,其受比丘戒的得戒和尚「阿贊暖上人」為現任泰皇國師的師父 - 在眾多佛子中揀選天崧法師傳授古文法輪,意旨在讓眾生得到諸佛菩薩被祐祈福進而平順深入佛陀法義法。 法師現任高雄金山寺監院,積極規畫各類利益眾生的課程,期許不久將來能讓金山寺成為接引多元信眾的彌陀道場。 法師學經歷:美國 MU 大學 -- 人類學學士      印度 DSVV 大學--瑜珈心理學管理諮詢碩士 印度 BBAU 大學--瑜珈與佛教同異研究博士    南印克拉拉--阿育吠陀理論實務師 印度僧伽施--建造最高阿育王柱高雄金山寺: 電話: 07-3812200  07-3814567   郵箱: jsm.kh@yahoo.com   Kaohsiung City Jinshan Temple"Jinshan Temple" was first built in the 53rd year of the Republic of China. It is a traditional Buddhist holy place of Jiazi ancient temple. It has undergone several eminent monks and abbots to uphold the promotion of Buddhism to benefit all living beings. It is now facing a Jiazi. The current abbot is the elder Shangyuan Xiachen. Disciple Master Tiansong from Malaysia; Leading the Temple Affairs Supervision Institute. Master Tiansong takes the Buddha's spirit: education, Dharma promotion, charity and culture, and interaction with various organizations at home and abroad as the general direction to promote Buddhism and implement Buddhism. , to create a pure land on earth to promote the new spirit and new trend of the new Jinshan Temple, to enliven the Dharma that is easy to understand and easy for everyone to understand, and to teach Indian authentic yoga and fitness courses...Brief introduction of Master Shangxiasong: The master is an Indian-Malaysian. He has been studying Buddhism since he was 7 years old. He was ordained as a novice at the age of 16. After studying in a high school in Malaysia, the master received the Buddhist monk's precepts of Theravada Buddhism. Afterwards, under the plan of "Master Yuanchen" in the Dharma of Mercy, he studied Chinese at Sun Yat-Sen University and Chinese Buddhism at Mercy Buddhist College; he completed his bachelor's degree in the United States and delivered a speech on behalf of the graduates; Master's and Ph.D. degrees to prepare yourself to become a magic weapon for the benefit of all beings. Under the guidance of [Master Shangyuan Xiachen], he built the tallest Ashoka Pillar in India, established the Indian Grace School, funded monks, welcomed the Buddha's relics in the Sri Lankan palace, held ten thousand people's Dharma meetings, etc. The mage grows his own six paramitas in such a difficult challenge. The mage is thirsty for the Dharma; he has traveled to Thailand countless times to study, and the monk "Azan Nuan" who received the precepts of the bhikkhu is the master of the current Thai emperor. Master Tiansong was selected from among the many Buddhist disciples to teach the ancient Dharma wheel. All living beings are blessed by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and then they can go deep into the Buddha's Dharma smoothly. The master is currently the supervisor of Jinshan Temple in Kaohsiung, actively planning various courses for the benefit of sentient beings, and hopes that Jinshan Temple will become an Amitabha temple to attract diverse believers in the near future.  TEL: +886 7 3812200    +886 7 3814567   E- jsm.kh@yahoo.com  

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